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Melbourne-based Housekeeping ServicesThe constant upkeep of your entire home could be very strenuous and time-consuming job for you. Our Melbourne-based house cleaners on the other hand have years of experience in the home maintenance industry and know exactly what and how to handle. We are fully committed to providing a clean, tidy and safe environment for you and your loved ones. Moreover, the service can easily be customised by yourself to fit your needs.

You can ask our cleaners to focus on specific area in your home which you consider problematic, and since this is an ongoing service, you can always change the cleaning target. And even with our cleaning teams complying with the priorities you've set, they will still pay the necessary attention to the rest of your house.

Why Our Melbourne House Cleaning Will Suit You Best


Bonnie always leaves out apartment spotless no matter what mess the little ones create. She cleaned our home every Thursday for 3 years now and we just can't be happier with her work!

Halie Winston, Rated: 4 of 5

We adore our housekeeper and we're really happy with her work. There's no one who can do this job better than Madeline and we're truly grateful that we have her!

Petersons, Rated: 5 of 5

Mary is just wonderful! She always cleans with such precision and care even though I'm running around the house all the time during her sessions. The house is always smelling wonderful and it's a joy having a cleaner like Marry around.

Jerry K., Rated: 5 of 5

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First and foremost, our house cleaners are here to make sure your home is properly taken care of. That means scrubbing clean every single corner of it. Furthermore, for your convenience and peace of mind the service:


  • Is provided with no deposits or monthly fees whatsoever
  • Has an option for a trial period
  • Is provided by the same cleaners every time, so that they can get familiar with the layout of your property and give you more efficient cleaning with every visit
  • Uses only professional eco & bio-friendly, and most importantly – child safe cleaning products


Before booking Fantastic Cleaners' regular housekeeping in Melbourne you can try out our one-off cleaning and make sure we'll provide you with the quality house cleaning you need. Now for even better results, book the professional oven cleaning we offer you and get your massive personal discount.

Our Melbourne House Cleaning Methods

Our only goal is to clean everything in your house. Bathrooms, kitchen, kitchen surfaces and appliances, living areas, all will be scrubbed clean. Even the most problematic areas, such as bathroom tiles, shower head, toilet, skirting boards, sink and tap, will be thoroughly tended to. Simply provide the cleaning teams with a list of priorities and they will see to getting the tasks done in a timely and efficient manner.

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