The Most Thorough After Builders Cleaning in Melbourne & the Area

A truly successful project is finished when the last possible detail is taken care of. Allow our after builders cleaners in Melbourne to make the final touches of your renovation or construction in order to achieve optimal results. In this day and age of labour division, it only makes sense to allow a professional cleaning company to handle post-renovation or post-construction cleaning duties.

A true master always hides the brushstrokes. And hiding brushstrokes just happens to be our speciality. Give us a call when you need someone to take care of unwanted debris, remove dust and dirt, deal with paint, stains, or other unpleasant side effects of renovation and construction work.

What Do Our After Builders Cleaning Services in Melbourne Include?

It’s a difficult task to specify the exact nature of the after builders service because it’s highly dependent on the different circumstances related to the execution of the project. If we’re talking about post construction work, we’ll be looking at one picture, whereas if we’re doing builders cleaning post renovation, we’re looking at another picture altogether.

After Builders Cleaning in MelbourneHowever, here are some broad strokes of the service you’re sure to find useful:

  • Carefully cleaning all floors and carpets; Professional cleaning service for windows, sills, and ledges
  • Diligently cleaning wainscoting, door frames, skirting boards, fixtures, switches, and sockets
  • Spot clean wall and ceilings
  • Deliming and descaling any bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Deep cleaning toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers
  • Deep cleaning all floors and stairs

After Builders Cleaning Service Benefits

Here are some of the benefits Fantastic Cleaners has to offer our Melbourne clients:

  • Hourly-based service - whether you want us to handle the entire after builders cleaning process or just some parts of it, it’s completely up to you. Because it’s a time-based service, it’s extremely flexible.
  • Cost-effectiveness - the accomplished results and time saved when this service is handled by professionals significantly outweighs the cost of the service, itself.
  • Expert customer service - for your convenience, we're available via chat or phone.
  • Professional, fully vetted builders cleaners - we only work with the finest cleaners Melbourne has to offer in order to keep up high-quality results with every project. We have years of experience in the field, so your after builders cleaning will be in good hands.

Add More Services To Your Order

If you wish to have your property deep-cleaned you can add more service to your initial order. For example, you can request a session by the professional window cleaners team and have the windows washed on the inside and outside. You can have the ventilation sanitised by adding duct cleaning to your service order and get rid of all the dust and bacteria contaminating the indoor air.

Also, feel free to add hard floor cleaning and pressure washing to receive a  spotlessly clean property. If you need somebody to take professional care of your property on a weekly basis, you can add regular housekeeping and arrange a routine cleaninf session for a period you prefer. Last but not least, you can book all services online by filling in your details on the website booking form and receive a 10% OFF the final price. So, hurry up and place your request today!

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