Fantastically Clean Hard Floors Just A Call Away!

Melbourne Hard Floor Cleaning ServiceHard floors are extremely fickle and next to impossible to be properly cleaned if you don't have the right equipment and the appropriate cleaning agents. Fortunately, the hard floor cleaners in Melbourne do. But most importantly, they have the skill set and the experience, necessary to get the job done swiftly and effectively, without getting in your way. The technicians will use the power of heat, professional detergents, and high pressure rinse, giving your hard floors the treatment they so desperately need. The combination of these three elements of the cleaning process will loosen and consequently remove all dirt that has accumulated on your floors over time.

The Right Tools for The Job

Dust and grime particles love hiding in the cracks of abrasive services and grouting. This is why the conventional methods are largely ineffective for the task, even with regular maintenance. In fact, regular mopping can make the floor look dull and constantly dirty. Even scrubbing may not deliver the result.

Fantastic Cleaners equipped with the proper tools, solutions, and know-how will deliver a cleaning tailored to your floor’s specific needs. We are proficient in:

Tile and Grout Cleaning - Using a specialised machine that works with high pressurised hot water, we are able to extract pollutants that have settled deep into the floor by dissolving and extracting them.

Buffing - Want your floor polished? Take advantage of our buffing service. A special machine with fine grade floor pads will take care of any surface scratches and imperfections reinvigorating your hard floor.

Stripping and Sealing - Sealants don’t last forever and when they eventually start breaking down specialised approach is required to remove them properly. To that end we use a solution which we leave for about 15 minutes to take in, then we remove it along the dirt, mop the floor with a neutralising solution and reapply a fresh coat of sealer in two or three layers.

Floor Cleaning Methods You Can Rely On

Trust us with your hard floor and we will work our magic to leave your floor sparkling, no matter the material. All the tools and chemicals necessary are at our disposal – rotary machines with appropriate pads, tile and grout cleaning machines, mops, wet vacuum cleaners, etc. The cleaners will restore the look of your hard floors to their original glory and protect them from the ravages of time.The steps we take are:

  • Inspection of your floor to determine how we should go about the cleaning
  • Vacuuming to remove any large particles that would get in the way of the process
  • Laying specialised cleaning solutions over the area that is going to be treated
  • Scrubbing the solution into the floor. If the floor is wooden, we’ll use drive pads to better apply the detergents
  • We thoroughly rinse to remove the chemicals alongside the dirt. Depending on the floor we’ll also completely dry it.
  • Upon request we will apply a special protective layer

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