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What Does Joining Us Actually Mean?

We currently offer partnership through franchising which may be free in certain areas for selected services, subcontracting house cleaning and office cleaning work on regular basis. Joining us actually means you will become part of a company which aims at providing top-quality services people love. Becoming our partner or part of the franchise group is not just receiving leads and regular work tasks every day.

What Are Our Responsibilities

As part of the agreement, we find customers who need cleaning services and sell them the service. All appointments with the clients will be arranged. We will then arrange your schedule and send it to you on a daily basis. You needn't worry about arranging payment processing, as we will take care of communication with the clients and coping with any issues regarding the working process wich may affect you or the clients.This way we will give you the opportunity to complete the job on time and provide the clients with excellent result

How To Get In Touch With Us

If you are interested in becoming our partner or franchisee feel free to complete the online form on our contact page and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you wish to directly speak to us regarding the franchise and partner opportunities, call us anytime to receive more information.

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